Open source is a driving force in software within the datacenter and cloud ecosystems. Open source software (OSS) is continuing to grow and evolve at an unprecedented rate with new technologies being introduced at an equally impressive rate.

At Ampere, our hardware is being developed to enable new OSS technologies and cloud workloads. By joining Ampere’s developer program, developers can benefit from Ampere’s open and collaborative engineering environment to accelerate development, taking full advantage of the 64-bit custom designed, multicore processor.

The Ampere developer program is just beginning. Today we are delivering our first platform and tools to begin the journey to full optimization of cloud software.

The Ampere eMAG platform features include:

  • • 32 Ampere-designed Armv8 cores running up to 3.3 GHz Turbo
  • • Eight DDR4-2667 memory controllers
  • • 42 lanes PCIe 3.0 for high bandwidth I/O
  • • 125W TDP for maximum power efficiency
  • • TSMC 16nm FinFET process

Get more information from our eMAG Product Brief.

The Ampere Developer Portal ( has made it easy to order an eMAG-based development system, get access to forums, and find documentation for getting started.

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Our world class processor design team has a long history of delivering high-performing CPUs and has brought their expertise together to architect a CPU core purposefully designed to support the features and performance demands of the cloud.

Join us in inventing the future of the cloud.