Ampere is proud to announce that eMAG meets the Arm Architectural Compliance Suite (ACS) standards for being ServerReady!

Being ServerReady

The ServerReady program is an initiative to ensure that Arm servers work out-of-the-box with no compatibility issues; it’s built under the brand of Architectural Compliance Suite, or ACS, and owned by Arm. The compliance suite is composed of tests covering two specifications: Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) and Server Base Boot Requirements (SBBR). These tests cover details of both hardware and firmware implementation, ensuring that software implementations such as Windows or Linux work without worry. In depth details of ACS can be found on the arm-enterprise-acs GitHub.

Jon Masters also wrote an excellent blog post on the importance of ACS for the data center.

Confidence for the Cloud

Being ServerReady gives us confidence that an eMAG platform can be dropped into any existing data center without concern over architectural compatibility issues. Ampere hardware just works.


Written by: Travis Lazar

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