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    Peter Rival

    I’m trying to build HPL with the Ampere compiler kit (ampere-8.2.0-20180930) and it looks like I’ve run into an issue. HPL expects an MPI compiler, for which I’ve installed mpich-3.2.1. The build fails at the first mpicc invocation with:

    mpicc -o HPL_dlacpy.o -c -DAdd_ -DF77_INTEGER=int -DStringSunStyle -I/root/hpl-2.2/include -I/root/hpl-2.2/include/Linux_Arm ../HPL_dlacpy.c
    cc1: error: plugin support is disabled; configure with –enable-plugin

    I’m running this on an eMAG system running RHEL 8.0-beta. I can rebuild the system with RHEL 7.6 if needed but this looks at first blush to be a generic issue.

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    Beth Gordon

    Hi Peter! Sorry for the delay; I’ll see if I can reproduce this. In the meantime, have you verified that you can compile HPL with (non-Ampere) gcc?

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