Software Development Environment

Developer Documentation:

Compilers and Tools:

The GCC 8.3 Ampere compilers have the latest features and more performance. The GCC 7.3 Ampere compilers have proven stability. These compilers target Ampere’s eMAG processors. They default to -mcpu=emag and are tuned for the eMAG microarchitecture. If you’re looking for performance, try the O3 and LTO options.

For Linux aarch64 hosted compilers and tools:

For Linux x86-64 hosted cross-compilers and tools targeting aarch64:

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Operating System Support:

Operating System Recommended Version
CentOS >= 7.5
Fedora >= 27
Oracle Linux >= 7.5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) >= 7.5
SUSE Linux >= 15
Ubuntu >= 18.04.01